SunTel Services Implements New Millennium Communications for Smart-Detroit

Detroit (April 4, 2000) -- Today, as part of the opening of Smart-Detroit , SunTel Services demonstrated the advanced, integrated voice, data, and video communications systems required for success in the new millennium. A partnership with Capstone Advisors, Qwest Communications , and WorkPlace Interiors, a Steelcase Dealer, Smart-Detroit is the first integrated office and conference center in Michigan. Tenants in the Penobscot and First National buildings, as well as other companies in the downtown area will be able to learn about the latest integrated communications systems and experience the benefits by using the conference center.

SunTel Services' role in the partnership was to provide the voice, data, and video communications systems to make the Center work, connecting to the outside world over Qwest's advanced network, and blending in to the office landscape provided by WorkPlace Interiors.

SunTel Service, in turn, partnered with many of their suppliers to implement the most up-to-date network capabilities:

The heart of the network is a Mitel SX-2000 PBX working with a stacked Cisco 3548 10/100 megabit switch. Together, they provide facilities at each wall jack for computer integrated telephony (CTI), high-speed connection to the Internet and video conferencing over both ISDN and Internet Protocol (IP). · Mitel's One Point Messenger delivers unified voice, fax, and email messaging to Smart-Detroit partners. Messages, regardless of their form, can be accessed from a phone, a networked PC, or from a standard web browser over the Internet. · Check Point Software Technologies' Firewall-1 and Floodgate software running on a Nokia 330 firewall manage the connection to the Internet and provide one end of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for Smart-Detroit partners. Internet content is filtered by Websense to assure it is business related. · Four different products from PictureTel provide integrated voice, data, and video conferencing for the different environments within the Center. The systems provide global connectivity over traditional ISDN lines and advanced IP connectivity over the Internet. · Document cameras from Video Labs enable transmission of specific content during a videoconference. · Advanced management software from reports on detailed telephone and Internet usage by user for each Smart-Detroit partner. · Nordex Enhanced Category 5 Cable and B-line network cabinets provided by Anicom and installed by Phoenix Services assure high-speed certification and flexibility to handle the next generation of communication protocols.

Integrated together, these systems demonstrate a model environment that addresses two of the most critical requirements of 21st century business -- leveraging the Internet and creatively solving the communications needs of people in separate locations.

"Providing technology from industry leading suppliers like Cisco, Mitel, PictureTel, Checkpoint, Nokia and the others we have assembled here assures that Smart-Detroit will be the vanguard of new eTechnology" said Gary Jackson, President of SunTel Services. "We have established our Detroit office in Smart-Detroit, and when others see what we have to offer, it will become the 'place to be' in the metro area"

Smart-Detroit is now in full operation, and businesses can arrange to experience tomorrow's communications today by calling SunTel Services at 313-237-6220 or sending an email to

Hubbs Grimm, VP Marketing
SunTel Services

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