What is Smart-Detroit?

Smart Detroit is a full-service executive suites and conference facility located in the historic Penobscot building in downtown Detroit.  The executive suite aspect of Smart-Detroit offers “smart” office space ranging in size from 150 sq ft to 3,000 sq ft, which is fully equipped with high speed internet access, digital telephone lines and equipment, professionally enhanced receptionist answering service, and much more at affordable rates. 

Smart-Detroit also offers a 15,000 sq ft conference center equipped with 9 available rooms ranging in style and size.  The conference center has various high-end equipment, which can be used to conduct a variety of meetings and/or seminars.  Tenants of the Penobscot building, Smart-Detroit, and First National building are able to book meeting rooms at no additional charge, and other downtown Detroit businesses are encouraged to utilize the conference center’s many offerings at reasonable rates.  Additionally, Smart-Detroit is currently offering free monthly seminars, on business related topics, every “Third Thursday” of the month.  All small and medium sized business professionals are invited to attend and welcome to take advantage of these informative sessions. 

Lastly, Smart-Detroit also offers “Virtual” or Smart-Identity offices/programs.  It’s easy and affordable to have a downtown Detroit address and telephone number with Smart-Detroit without physically leasing office space.  We have 4 programs available ranging in services and price. 

Why the Great Lakes Journal moved into Smart-Detroit:

Moving into Smart-Detroit was a strategic move for the Great Lakes Journal.  By having a Detroit office we were able to accommodate the majority of our customers and contribute to our great City of Detroit as well as drive the message that Southeast Michigan is a great place for business.  Smart-Detroit provides the Great Lakes Journal with an image of success and professionalism with innovative and advanced technologies such as an office pre-equipped with telephone and high speed internet access, and saves us significant money by avoiding high start-up costs.  “As a small or medium business it can be a challenge to compete when you lack the funds and resources” said Mark Powers, CEO of the Great Lakes Journal.  By formalizing a partnership with Smart-Detroit, the Great Lakes Journal is able to leverage their conference facilities for meetings, seminars, and training sessions.  Having access to these types of services was important to the Great Lakes Journal and adds additional value to the advertising and marketing services we provide to our customers.

“One of our successful marketing services is called Seminar Direct.  This service helps drive traffic to our customers’ seminars.  All they have to do is show up and present…the Great Lakes Journal drives all of the marketing efforts and Smart-Detroit has the ability to provide the facility for the seminar”, said Mr. Powers.  Smart-Detroit provides the Great Lakes Journal all of the resources of a large corporation and the look and feel of a Fortune 500 Company.  A receptionist greets our customers and answers incoming company calls.  This is extremely important for small and medium size companies looking for a total office solution at an affordable monthly rate.

Why the Great Lakes Journal values Smart-Detroit as a partner:

“When I look for partners or strategic partners I look for the value they can bring to our customers as well as our own internal uses.  Our partners must fit our core business model of advertising and marketing, therefore, helping us reach our overall goals” said Mark Powers.  “Smart-Detroit provided a strong value proposition for the Great Lakes Journal and offers services that fit our core business model.”  Mr. Powers finished.

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SOURCE: Great Lakes Journal PR | Smart-Detroit

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