Service Price Schedule

Miscellaneous Services
$ .50 ea
Facsimile Services
$1.00 per page +cost of call
Postal Services, UPS FedEx
$ Actual +20% service fee
Private Office
$ 15.00 per hour/ $ 150.00 per day
Cancellation fee of 50% if scheduled conference room is not cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time. Cancellation fee of 100% if no one appears or call to cancel scheduled conference room.


Audio/Visual Equipment
Hourly Rate
$ 10.00 per hour
VCR/Monitor 31"/DVD Player
$ 15.00
Projector Screen
Included with room


Telecommunication Equipment
Telephone Equipment
Includes standard phone with DID number and one voice mail box, equipped with speakerphone
Included in room rental
Fax or Additional Data Line
$ 30.00 per line/month
Additional DID Line
$ 60.00 per line/month
Additional Voice Mailbox
$ 20.00 month


Miscellaneous Equipment
Flip chart with Easel
$ 10.00
-w/paper and markers
$ 15.00
-tablet refill
$ 5.00
Tri-Pod Easel
$ 7.00
Portable Dry Erase Board
$ 10.00



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